Thursday, August 7, 2008

For Worms, Brave Percy

I worked from 8 PM to 3AM last night/this morning (the district supervisors were coming in this morning so the store had to be absolutely perfect. Like, regulation sized and board folded perfect. Ewww).

Um, I feel like I'm missing everything. I haven't back to the Independent Shakespeare Co. for what seems like forever, but I guess it's only actually been a few weekends. Henry IV is ending soon, and it's my favorite play of the season, so I hope hope hope I won't miss it (and I would like to be at the last performance, please?). West Wing Crew is behind on the 3rd season, because 3/4 of us have jobs/summer school in the morning, but we must must MUST finish the season before Sarah goes back to USC. 

Am also majorly behind on recruitment planning for fall. Now I'm actually getting worried, too.

But at least...some things...are looking up at work :)

Will post about Denver soon.

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judityE said...

Love your new blog, daahling...especially the title. It brings to mind a very funny moment on 30Rock.
Who is Shia LeBouef? I must google him at once.
I am so sorry that you aren't enjoying your summer job, and that we haven't been able to see you this summer. Keep posting. I will have to make mine more current as well so we can keep up.