Friday, September 5, 2008

The Adventures of Amelia And That Little Boy With the Same Last Name Who Hangs Around Her.

Episode One: Studying for His First AP United States History Test.

Amelia: Linus, give me the definition of the word "graft".

Linus: To have graft in the past.

*Amelia and her mother exchange blank stares*

Linus, realizing he must be wrong: Ohhhhhh. I thought you meant "graftuh".
*Amelia and her mother attempt to laugh but fail*

+++Ten Minutes Later+++

Amelia: Linus. If you want to do well on this test there is no such thing as being "done studying". You have to study every night.

Linus, shocked and appalled: What?! That's called communist!....ism.

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