Saturday, December 27, 2008

Adventures in Yosemite

Yosemite was pretty awesome. I REALLY liked the snow, even if it was cold and wet and slippery (especially because I was wearing my mom's rain boots, which have NO traction whatsoever, as proven by the perfectly flat footprints I kept leaving in the snow whenever I left our room).

During our last night, we played the Name Game (as usual), which gave Linus an opportunity to be Linus. I think this exchange between the two of us perfectly illustrates the WIDE range of his mind:

It is Linus' turn to pick names out of the basket and have his team, to which I belong, guess. He doesn't recognize this particular name which he has just pulled out, so he's using clues to have us guess the separate parts (keep in mind that there's a time limit).

Linus: Oh, um, Amelia, this is that really tall guy in Romeo and Juliet at Burroughs last year. He played Capulet.

Me: Evan?

Linus: No.

Me: I don't know. Um, John? Lex? I didn't even see this production!

Linus: No, keep going! He's tall!

Me; Uuuhhh, I don't know! Jacob? Linus, I DIDN'T SEE THE PLAY!

Linus: He goes to school in Monterey.

Me: Oh! Isaac.

And then to have me guess this person's last name...

Linus (in a perfectly bored tone): Oh, this was one of the Gilded Age presidents.

Seriously! It took him FOREVER to get me to give the name of one my own FRIENDS, but he knew right away that Hayes was a president during the Gilded Age!

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judityE said...

That was so Linus! I hope we can do it again really soon.